Past Conference (April 26, 2021)




Global Virtual Summit on Nursing Practice & Science

April 26, 2021 (A Virtual Event)

About Nursing Practice 2021

Nursing Practice 2021 was a unique platform for exchanging innovative research and Ideas related to Nursing education. It had a diverse participation from the participants across the globe ranging from United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa from other different parts of the world. Nursing Practice 2021 meeting was a unique modern experience for all the participants as it enabled them to learn and explore diverse research topics from the Nursing domain even in the tough and testing pandemic scenario.

Nursing Practice 2021 conference was a huge success with participants giving their positive feedback about the conference and agreeing to be the part of upcoming editions.

Nursing Practice 2021 Past Conference Participants

Keynote Speakers

Nursing Practice 2021

Alyssa Fencil

Fairview Health Services, USA

Aline Nassar

Board Chairman and CEO of Stochos/Sydney, Australia

Atul Kumar Mehra

Psychotherapist / Author, Canada

Howard W Melike

Tulane University School of Medicine, USA

Ravi Gutta

Orange County Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, California, USA

Oral Presenters

Learn and Interact from the best

Susie A. Ruff

FOUNDER and Executive Advisor, RUFF & CO, Denmark

Gina Panozzo

Benedictine University, USA

Salima Meherali

University of Alberta, Canada

Sirma Todorova Angelova

Medical University-Varna, Bulgaria

Xingjuan Luo

Jiangnan University, China

Jieyu LI

Jiangnan University, China

Natascha Gonçalves Francisco Palmeira

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil

Vanessa Aparecida da Luz Pires

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil

Mudau Azwinndini Gladys

VaA.G Mudau, University of Venda, South Africa

Gunnar Glauco De Cunto Carelli Taets

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Dr. Debra L Hagerty

Georgia Southern University, USA

Qiuping Li

Jiangnan University, China

Dr. Tamara Condrey

Columbus State University, USA

Dr. Gwendolyn Miller

Columbus State University, USA

Dr. Aimee Vael

Columbus State University, USA

Patricia A. Drees

Fort Hays State University, USA

Dr. Diann L. Martin

The Successful Nurse, USA

Dr. Rana Alduraywish

University of Nottingham, UK

Dr. Nina M. Russell

Francis Marion University, USA

Ms. Megan Wayne

Francis Marion University, USA

Francisco Mayron Morais Soares

Faculdade Uninta Itapipoca, Brazil

Max Ghaffari

Benedictine University, USA

John P Higgins

University of Texas, USA

S. Sakhri Espboulhart

Head of Medical Oncology Dpt,